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CSAM’s COR Certified Companies Meeting

CSAM’s Quarterly COR Companies Meeting – June 18, 2014

Good afternoon clients and friends of Serenity Safety Consulting.  Here is my quarterly newsletter to sum up this quarter’s information that came out of CSAM’s COR certified companies meeting on June 18th at the Caboto Centre on Wilkes.

The focus of this meeting was to highlight the changes that are coming to SafeWork Manitoba, the WCB , and the newly renamed Workplace Safety and Health Branch .  Much of what was said was a continuation of the last meeting in March.

The newly reorganized SafeWork Manitoba (now an offshoot of the WCB) started the presentations speaking about the changes to the overall structure of our governmental agencies and where workplace safety and health is going over the next several years.  This is all based on the government’s five year safety plan.  There was further emphasis on the new division of services with SafeWork Manitoba taking over training and prevention services and Workplace Safety and Health Branch focusing on enforcement.   Please review the links for further information as there is simply too much to included in my quick summary.  Some highlights included:

  • Safe Work on Wheels – the mobile training lab.  There will be a demonstration at CSAM’s office on July 14th at 2 pm.
  • New business safety and health responsibilities information package coming in the fall.
  • Creation of a single contact number for all safety and health services 204-957-safe

Workplace Safety and Health branch next spoke on the new changes to the act and regulations that went into effect April  1st of this year.  Businesses need to be aware of the changes that have been put into place and that are now law in Manitoba.  A detailed list of all the changes is available here and I strongly recommend that business owner’s and managers download them and understand how they could impact their business in the future.

Most significant to the day to day operations of many small businesses in Manitoba is the amendment to the Administrative Penalty Regulation.  Specific fines and their triggering circumstances have now been clearly outlined and will be enforced by workplace safety and health.  Please review this new regulation and ensure that you understand how your workers could incur fines by not following your company’s safety program.

CSAM followed the presentations with the current status of COR certified safety programs in Manitoba.  They empasized that it is important to get your audit completed on time by a competent certified auditor.  Also, due to the transient nature of the construction business, several companies have not been eligible to receive their certificates because employees with the required training have left the company.  Make sure you have the required courses for your COR or SeCOR certificate in place prior to completing your audit!

Speaking of the annual audit, there will be some changes to the COR audit instrument coming out in the next few months and should be ready for the next meeting in September.

As always, I appreciate your time in reading my newsletter.  As always, please contact me  if you have any questions.

Have a great summer!