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Serenity Safety Consulting is proud to announce that we now provide online safety training courses available immediately to enhance your safety and health program.

Remember that training and ensuring competence of workers and employees is part of maintaining a successful safety and health program and represents due diligence on the part of a company.  Here are some advantages to training:

1.   Training is compliance with workplace safety standards and decreases the chance of being cited and fined for safety and health violations.  In fact, if an untrained worker is inured in the course of work could result in criminal negligence action against their manager and employer.

2.   Training in general increases employee job satisfaction, motivation, and morale.   Happy, motivated, safe, and well-trained employees are loyal employees, which means turnover goes down.  Well-trained, highly skilled employees are more efficient, productive, and creative.

3.   Employee training and development provides you with a pool of skilled and knowledgeable people who can move up in the organization and fill critical jobs and perform critical functions.

4.   Safety training reduces accidents and protects employees from injuries and illness, saving the company the cost of lost time, diminished productivity, and increased insurance premiums.

5.   Training helps your organization ride the crest of technological change and innovation

6.   Training helps you manage risks such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, and discrimination.

7.   A trained workforce provides the human resources to expand into new markets and seize opportunities in a highly competitive and fluid global economy.

8. Training helps develop a positive organizational culture in which confident, knowledgeable, creative employees are poised to provide superior products and services to customers.

9.   Training and certified is often a prerequisite that must be met by many clients and will enhance your company’s reputation and increase the potential for new business.

Please contact us if there are any questions that you may have or if there is anything that Serenity Safety Consulting can help you with.  We can arrange for a free demonstration if you are interested in online training for your company to see just how effective and efficient the program is.

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