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Online Safety Training

Serenity Safety Consulting is proud to announce that we now provide online safety training courses available immediately to enhance your safety and health program.

Remember that training and ensuring competence of workers and employees is part of maintaining a successful safety and health program and represents due diligence on the part of a company.  Here are some advantages to training:

1.   Training is compliance with workplace safety standards and decreases the chance of being cited and fined for safety and health violations.  In fact, if an untrained worker is inured in the course of work could result in criminal negligence action against their manager and employer.

2.   Training in general increases employee job satisfaction, motivation, and morale.   Happy, motivated, safe, and well-trained employees are loyal employees, which means turnover goes down.  Well-trained, highly skilled employees are more efficient, productive, and creative.

3.   Employee training and development provides you with a pool of skilled and knowledgeable people who can move up in the organization and fill critical jobs and perform critical functions.

4.   Safety training reduces accidents and protects employees from injuries and illness, saving the company the cost of lost time, diminished productivity, and increased insurance premiums.

5.   Training helps your organization ride the crest of technological change and innovation

6.   Training helps you manage risks such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, and discrimination.

7.   A trained workforce provides the human resources to expand into new markets and seize opportunities in a highly competitive and fluid global economy.

8. Training helps develop a positive organizational culture in which confident, knowledgeable, creative employees are poised to provide superior products and services to customers.

9.   Training and certified is often a prerequisite that must be met by many clients and will enhance your company’s reputation and increase the potential for new business.

Please contact us if there are any questions that you may have or if there is anything that Serenity Safety Consulting can help you with.  We can arrange for a free demonstration if you are interested in online training for your company to see just how effective and efficient the program is.

The Safety Conference!

Good morning friends and clients of Serenity Safety Consulting,

I trust that everyone had a great Christmas and holiday season and are looking forward to a great 2015.  As we get back into the regular day to day tasks that each of us has to do, I wanted to remind everyone of CSAM’s  The Safety Conference that runs February 3rd and 4th at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg located at 375 York Avenue in Winnipeg.  This is a fantastic opportunity to make sure that you and your workers receive top notch training from experienced and qualified instructors that work in the field every day.

There are many courses that I consider “must haves” for a company that is committed to the safety and health of their workers and to the COR program.  For companies that are COR certified, formal training for your supervisors and safety representatives can provided you with over 5% towards your final audit score!  That’s not too bad considering that we are already legally responsible to ensure all workers and safety representatives are competently trained for their duties and responsibilities.

For managers:

For your supervisors/safety reps/workers:

Let me know if you have any questions or other safety needs.  I am always ready to help and assist you with your safety program’s needs and worker training requirements.



CSAM December COR Company’s Meeting

Good morning clients and friends of Serenity Safety Consulting.  I would like to start by wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!

Thursday December 11th was this quarter’s COR Company’s meeting held by CSAM.  There was some interesting information to come out of the meeting and I hope to summarize the key points that I took from it.  As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

WSH – Update:

  • The folks from Workplace safety and health division discussed some of the changes that have taken place.  WSH Officers have now been tasked by the Department of Labour to actively check for licences for the trades and enforce journeyman to apprentice ratios.  I have already had a client receive an improvement order for this that could have resulted in a stop work order for their site.
  • Medical Marijuana – The question of employees using marijuana prescribed by a doctor has been asked by many companies and is becoming a greater issue in the workplace.  WSH has said that companies should make sure they have a good company drug policy in place to address workers using drugs, prescription or otherwise.  WSH’s view of medical marijuana is just like any medication that could impair the workers judgement and therefore must be disclosed to the company prior to a worker taking it or using it.  Workers under the influence of marijuana would be considered to be highly impaired and not suitable to perform tasks, especially in the construction trades.
  • WSH will also be starting to focus on the agricultural sector, specifically farms where there are highly vulnerable workers.  This would include migrant and young workers that have been found to be new to the work and lack training that is required.  WSH will be targeting this work sites over the next year.
  • WSH did an enforcement blitz in November that saw 954 compliance visits conducted.  Of those there were 258 improvement orders and 118 stop work orders issued .  The critical areas continue to be excavations, fall protection and fall arrest, powered mobile equipment inspections (make sure you are doing these daily!), scaffolding, and workers wearing appropriate PPE (specifically head protection).

Safe Work Manitoba (The WCB)

  • The WCB is happy to announce that rates in Manitoba are going down by an average of 13% for the next year.  This is due to company’s continued commitment to the safety of the workers in Manitoba.  This is a good start but there are changes to be made to the process.
  • After extensive review, there are some new changes to the model that the WCB uses that they are hoping to make over the next few years.  They include further financial incentives to encourage company’s to do more.  Please see the the WCB Website for more info.

CSAM News –

  • New Act  & Regs are available from CSAM for $5!
  • Quality Assurance – CSAM will be increasing the number of site visits for company’s already COR certified to ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Spot audits are a key component of the COR Quality Assurance program.
  • Remember that you audit must be submitted by a Registered Auditor!  (Serenity Safety Consulting would be happy to assist with that if you need an audit done!)
  • CSAM has completed the review of the audit process and a new COR Audit will be released in January 2015 with all companies required to use it for audits submitted after February 1, 2015.  With the new audit document, CSAM will be implementing an audit quality and review program where submitted audits will receive critique and recommendations for improvements.
  • Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation is still being pressed on reinstating the COR requirement for all contracts.  They are being reluctant all the safety associations are pressing the government to show support for the companies that are showing leadership and commitment to the safety and health of their workers.
  • eAudits – There has been some interest in submitting audits electronically.  CSAM is looking into this but there is nothing available as of now.
  • Safety Groups – CSAM is looking for volunteers to be part of safety groups that are specific to the various sectors of the construction industry in Manitoba.  If you are interested in contributing or getting more information please let them know.  WSH is looking at increasing the diversity of the safety associations in the province and this is a first step.
  • CSAM Safety Conference – Remember The Safety Conference is coming again in February!  This is a fantastic opportunity to send workers, supervisors, managers, and safety committee members for the training that is required by WSH and gets points for those annual COR audits!  Check out the courses and registration info here!
    Don’t forget to stop by Serenity Safety Consulting’s booth to say hi and enter into this years draw!
SafeWork Manitoba

CSAM’s COR Certified Companies Meeting

CSAM’s Quarterly COR Companies Meeting – June 18, 2014

Good afternoon clients and friends of Serenity Safety Consulting.  Here is my quarterly newsletter to sum up this quarter’s information that came out of CSAM’s COR certified companies meeting on June 18th at the Caboto Centre on Wilkes.

The focus of this meeting was to highlight the changes that are coming to SafeWork Manitoba, the WCB , and the newly renamed Workplace Safety and Health Branch .  Much of what was said was a continuation of the last meeting in March.

The newly reorganized SafeWork Manitoba (now an offshoot of the WCB) started the presentations speaking about the changes to the overall structure of our governmental agencies and where workplace safety and health is going over the next several years.  This is all based on the government’s five year safety plan.  There was further emphasis on the new division of services with SafeWork Manitoba taking over training and prevention services and Workplace Safety and Health Branch focusing on enforcement.   Please review the links for further information as there is simply too much to included in my quick summary.  Some highlights included:

  • Safe Work on Wheels – the mobile training lab.  There will be a demonstration at CSAM’s office on July 14th at 2 pm.
  • New business safety and health responsibilities information package coming in the fall.
  • Creation of a single contact number for all safety and health services 204-957-safe

Workplace Safety and Health branch next spoke on the new changes to the act and regulations that went into effect April  1st of this year.  Businesses need to be aware of the changes that have been put into place and that are now law in Manitoba.  A detailed list of all the changes is available here and I strongly recommend that business owner’s and managers download them and understand how they could impact their business in the future.

Most significant to the day to day operations of many small businesses in Manitoba is the amendment to the Administrative Penalty Regulation.  Specific fines and their triggering circumstances have now been clearly outlined and will be enforced by workplace safety and health.  Please review this new regulation and ensure that you understand how your workers could incur fines by not following your company’s safety program.

CSAM followed the presentations with the current status of COR certified safety programs in Manitoba.  They empasized that it is important to get your audit completed on time by a competent certified auditor.  Also, due to the transient nature of the construction business, several companies have not been eligible to receive their certificates because employees with the required training have left the company.  Make sure you have the required courses for your COR or SeCOR certificate in place prior to completing your audit!

Speaking of the annual audit, there will be some changes to the COR audit instrument coming out in the next few months and should be ready for the next meeting in September.

As always, I appreciate your time in reading my newsletter.  As always, please contact me  if you have any questions.

Have a great summer!




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